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Vocal Pizzest is an elite Show Choir in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Members of this contemporary vocal group are between the ages of 8 to 16. These young and dynamic singers perform a wide range of repertoire from Jazz, Rock, Pop, Soul to Musical Theatre. They are filled with pizzazz and zestful in performance, hence the name Vocal “Pizzest”.



Vocal Pizzest is a place for young passionate performers to collaborate through voices, creative expression and synergistic moves. We provide them the stage where they can enhance their musical skills, build strong ensemble spirit and cultivate teamwork.

Our show choir performs in concerts, events and outreach programmes. We also share our music by producing music videos and collaborating with other artists. Our purpose is to inspire others through the strength of children’s voices. We aspire to spread hope, love and kindness through our community and we believe that we can create a positive impact in our society.

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We are RECRUITING so here’s your chance to audition! Join us now and travel to Barcelona this October 2024 for the SING FOR GOLD Choir Festival!

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