Standing With You

Standing With You This song by Guy Sebastian, released in June 2020 is very meaningful as it centres around issues on mental health and how loved ones struggle to support those who are going through such difficult times. Many people are now going through depression and the Covid-19 pandemic has made the situation worse. This… Continue reading Standing With You

Let It Go

Let It Go Here’s our Cover from Disney’s Frozen ❄️ “Let It Go”. Hope you enjoy it! RECOMMENDED VIDEOS

新年 Okey Doke

新年 Okey Doke Chinese New Year celebrations will be different this year. Distance may separate us but friends and family will always remain close to our hearts. Have a safe and prosperous new year! Together, we work towards a better future.   SONG【新年 Okey Doke】 Music by Wong Shen Vee Lyrics by Chee Foong Wah… Continue reading 新年 Okey Doke

THE BOND | A Dance Duet

THE BOND The dance choreography depicts the bond between two sisters and how they share a deep connection. We are reminded that life is precious and we must always cherish loved ones around us.   Choreographed by Gwen Ng   Dancers • Tieo Mei Xuan & Natalie Chow RECOMMENDED VIDEOS

Merry ChristMESS

Merry ChristMESS Here’s a version of “The Christmas Song” by Alexandria Tan accompanied by Bryan Tiang on the piano. Hope you enjoy it. RECOMMENDED VIDEOS

This Is Christmas

This Is Christmas Music by Wong Shen Vee Lyrics by Andrew Chan   This song is specially composed for Christmas Year 2020. Let’s remember that the year may have gone by in a flash but it was filled with events. We may be going through a tough time battling Covid-19 but we shall not let… Continue reading This Is Christmas


Manusia Music by Wong Shen Vee Lyrics by Andrew Chan Inspired by Dato Freida Pilus | Founder • Cempaka Schools Music Arrangement • Grace Foo Backing vocals • Wong Shen Vee & Victor Hoo   “Manusia” is an original song written and composed in 2017. This song premiered on 30th September 2017, sung and performed… Continue reading Manusia

Paper Exam Vs Virtual Exam

Paper Exam Vs Virtual Exam Have you taken examinations online and compared it to paper examinations? Here’s a comedy video about the two examinations.   NB. This video is a comedy and meant for laughter only. RECOMMENDED VIDEOS

Types of Cafe Goers

Types of Cafe Goers What kind of cafe goers have you met before? Here are some typical scenarios which you may have encountered at cafes. Special thanks to KLÉSIS Café+ for the location shoot. RECOMMENDED VIDEOS

You’ve Got A Friend In Me

You’ve Got A Friend In Me A delightful rendition (Cover) of the song “You’ve Got A Friend In Me” from Toy Story.   Vocal solo by Melinda Sik Guitar accompaniment by Odelia Kamal RECOMMENDED VIDEOS