We transform aspiring performers into stage-ready stars. From the fundamentals learned in the classroom to the intricacies of live performance, we meticulously train our talent. Our focus extends beyond the individual, encompassing every detail of the stage production to ensure a truly captivating show.



We have an extensive experience in nurturing talent and bringing captivating performances to life. From powerful solos and harmonious ensembles to side-splitting comedy routines and the magic of musical theatre, we train and produce a dazzling array of shows – including vocalists, instrumentalists, theatre productions, and elegant harp ensembles.

CPAC Shows

Cempaka Voices in Concert

Immerse yourself in the splendour of Cempaka Voices in Concert (CVIC)! Since its debut in 2010, CVIC has become an annual event, showcasing the talent of CPAC-trained performers across all age groups. This dynamic show series explodes with a kaleidoscope of artistic expressions, featuring everything from powerful vocals and intricate dance routines to captivating skits and harmonious ensembles like show choirs and harp ensembles. Witness years of dedication culminate in a dazzling display of music, voice, dance and comedy.
Average total number of performers in each Cempaka Voices in Concert

100 Performers

CPAC Shows

Harp Concert

Experience the enchantment of the Poise Harp Ensemble! This acclaimed group has captivated audiences with their unique repertoire, seamlessly weaving the beauty of local melodies with the timeless elegance of classical pieces. Under the artistic direction of the internationally renowned harpist, Katryna Tan, the Poise Harp Ensemble delivers a truly elegant performance.
Harp Director and Cempaka Alumna

Katryna Tan

CPAC Shows

Primary School Concert

CPAC has a long-standing reputation for producing awe-inspiring schools concerts. These events push young performers to new heights, fostering artistic growth. Having young performers take centre stage and shine is truly an unforgettable experience for parents. The are filled with pride and left with a newfound appreciation for their child’s artistic journey.
Average total number of performers  in the concert

300 Performers

CPAC Shows

Comedy Play

The idea of a Comedy Play came about when we had short hilarious skits during our concerts. We thought a full length original comedy play would be appealing and started off with Sherlock Holmes in “The Show Must Go On” in 2018. One thing led to another and we had the second and third in 2019 and 2022. This completed the Sherlock comedic play series.

The fourth and most recent comedy play written by Scott McQuaid was staged in 2023. It was called “The Haunted Mansion That Goes Wrong”, a play within a play, bringing fresh humour with cast members forgetting lines, missing cues, breaking character and having everything gone wrong.

These productions solidify CPAC’s reputation for producing innovative and entertaining comedic theatre.

Write & Director of Comedy Plays

Scott McQuaid


Vocal Pizzest Show Choir

Vocal Pizzest is an elite Show Choir based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Members of this show choir are between the ages of 8 to 16. They are a young and dynamic group of singers able to perform a wide range of repertoire from Jazz, Rock, Pop, Soul to Musical Theatre.

The name “Pizzest” is reflects their identity as an ensemble, filled with pizzazz and zestful in performance.

Working with these young passionate singers can be challenging but worth every effort. We encourage more potential singers to join this show choir as they will get to perform for events, concerts, competitions and choir festivals.

Poise Harp Ensemble​

The Harp Programme was established in 2008, directed by Cempaka Alumna, Katryna Tan who is based in Singapore. Our CPAC Head of Harp oversees the Programme in Cempaka Schools. Students can join the Ensemble or One-to-one lessons. They start learning on a lever harp and as they progress, they move on to the pedal harp.

Through the years, our harpists have participated in Harp Festivals to attend workshops, master classes and join competitions. They also had the opportunity to visit the Camac Harp Factory in Ancenis when they were there for the Harp Festival in 2016 and 2011.


We promote Internationalism to break down cultural barriers through the power of performance. We are dedicated to fostering artistic exchange, with local and international outreach programmes that connect performers and audiences worldwide. Our vibrant network spans across continents, from the historic stages of London and Washington to the dynamic arts scene in Europe and UK.