Back To The Future
Bryan Tiang & Lauren Ho
What Baking Can Do
Waitress, the Musical
Vocal solo by Erica Yeoh
Andrew & Kimberly Chan
So Long
Andrew Lloyd Webber's Cinderella
Bryan Tiang & Alexandria Kay
Mamma Mia
Junior Cempaka Voices
On Your Way Home
James and the Giant Peach
Vocal solo by Hilary Wong
Dancin' on 42nd St.
Dance Ensemble
Only Us
Dear Evan Hansen
Andrew Chan & Angie Cheah
You Could Drive A Person Crazy
Company, A Musical Comedy
Alexandria Kay, Sara Nadyana, Madelyn JiaHuey & Sajjan
Pure Imagination
Charlie & the Chocolate Factory
Vocal solo by Hannah Jong
Rock Island
The Music Man
Bryan Tiang, Sajjan, Nicholas Augustin, Reeqhan Vinod, Jayden Chew & Lauren Ho
Think of Me
Phantom of the Opera
Vocal solo by Angie Cheah
Vocal Pizzest
Stupid With Love
Mean Girls
Vocal solo by Alexandria Kay
Lauren Ho, Madelyn JiaHuey & Sara Nadyana