Music Production


1. Songwriting/ Original Music Composition
Creating original songs with melody and lyrics for all purposes. We can compose corporate songs, musicals, songs for wedding anniversaries, produce albums and much more.

2. Film scoring
Produce music specifically for film, commercial advertisements, video games and other short videos.

3. Sound effects and foley
Produce artificial sounds used as audio enhancement in a film, play or other media broadcast productions.

4. Additional Dialogue Recording (ADR)
Rerecord dialogue from the original actor after the filming process to improve audio quality.

5. Music arrangements
Based on the instrumentation required, we can write out a music arrangement for any music composition.

6. Audio mixing and mastering
Blending and polishing recorded tracks to produce high quality music tracks.

Demo Audio Tracks:
1. Flowertopia Prologue

2. Razzle Dazzle

3. Monk On The Dance Floor

4. Groovy Improv



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