The human voice is a musical instrument, so versatile that it can produce so many different musical tones. This sets it apart from other musical instruments. It may seem like singing is not an innate talent that everyone has, but it is definitely something that can be learned and developed, given the right training. Our vocal lessons are designed to help each vocalist improve their techniques through different methods. From classical to contemporary, a wide choice of songs are selected for the diffrent types of voices and range. Every lesson is customised based on the student’s vocal form. This is after the fact that the voice is an instrument that is constantly changing.


  • Proper breathing technique
  • Flexibility, control, projection, stamina and effective diction
  • Tone production
  • Strengthening the vocal range
  • Effective practice routine


Beginner – Grade 330 minutes
Intermediate – Grade 4 & 545 minutes
Advanced – Grade 6 – 860 minutes