Learning to play a musical instrument with confidence is a fulfilling and enjoyable ability. Young children often become fascinated with learning to play the violin. The violin is regarded as a highly versatile instrument. It is interesting to know that the benefits of playing such a musical instrument can improve memory, increase attention span and enrich our sensory development. We offer violin instruction as part of our music programme with teachers who are capable to work with young children and adults of all levels.


  • Lessons will focus on the practical aspects. They are designed to be fun, engaging and effective.
  • Students will learn and develop their finger strength and placement, master various bowing techniques, improve note-reading and basic theory understanding.
  • Sight reading, aural and musicianship skills are also taught to prepare students not just for examinations, but also to be an all-rounded musician.
  • Students will be have the opportunities to perform in our scheduled concerts.
Beginner – Grade 230 minutes
Grade 3 – 545 minutes
Grade 6 – 860 minutes