Show Choir

A show choir is a group of vocalists performing in a style where they combine singing and dancing to create an enhanced performance. Typically, a show choir performance is within the context of a theme, idea or story. Our show choir sessions are fun, energetic, vibrant and relaxing at the same time. It focuses on the pop, rock, jazz and Broadway genres of music. The activities in a show choir are engaging and it keeps everyone exhilarated. There is good exposure to the essentials of show choir techniques. This includes harmony, ear training, artistic expression, stage presence, vocal and dance skills, solo and team work. 

In addition to that, it helps to build confidence, at the same time, improve one’s vocal and movement skills. For those who love to sing and dance, this is the perfect activity for them to express themselves.

Junior Show Choir
Age group: 8 – 12 years
Session: 90 minutes per week.
*No audition required.
You will experience :

    • An enhanced vocal ensemble music training.
    • Development of musicianship skills.
    • An entertaining and engaging performance style.
    • Performing in unique original shows and concerts.

Concert Show Choir
Age group: 8 – 17 years 
Session: 2 hours per week.

An audition based show choir which provides a brilliant opportunity for young singers
to explore more, and gain opportunities to perform in festivals and other events.