Dance is a form of art that shows expression. It is a technique consisting of selected sequences of human movements. This movement has aesthetic and symbolic value, and is acknowledged as dance by performers and observers within a particular culture. 
In our Dance Programme, students will get to explore the different genres of dance movements through music. This stimulates imagination and promote creativity. Our goal is to awaken interest, enthusiasm and self confidence through dance, at the same time, find enjoyment in doing so.

“I see dance being used as communication between body and soul, to express what is too deep to find for words” – Ruth St. Denis


What is contemporary dance?

Contemporary dance is a style of expressive dance that combines several dance genres including modern, jazz and lyrical dance as well as classical ballet. This form of dance strives to connect the mind and the body through fluid dance movements. Contemporary dance emphasise versatility and improvisation, it focuses on floorwork and can be performed in many different styles of music.

What you learn..

For the foundation class, the basic technique will be strengthened to help build the self confidence. This also helps the dancers in the exploration and creation of unique movements with the body.

In the intermediate and advanced classes, the basic techniques will be enhanced. Dancers will move to a more advanced level of skills.
Improvisation or composition will also be conducted in the class.

Who can join?

Open to all – 12 years old and above. Lesson duration is 1 hour.

What is modern jazz dance?

Modern Jazz Dance is a dance form where dancers can groove to the newest pop tunes. It encourages flexibility and discipline, all at the same time. The dance will cover techniques of warm up, floor movement, as well as improvisation and self expression skills. Students will be exposed to different genres of jazz movement such as hip hop/ funk, Broadway and lyrical dance.

What you learn..

For foundation classes, the basic movements will be conducted and this will help the students to get the groove at the same time. Showmanship is important in the dance presentation or performance, therefore the instructor inspires the students to express themselves through their showmanship.

For intermediate or advanced levels, the process of teaching the techniques and styles of movement will be more vigorous.

Who can join?

Open to all – 10 years old and above. Lesson duration is 1 hour.

What is creative dance?

Creative dance is a self-expression art form that blends rhythmic movement and aesthetic expression. 
Dancers communicate their ideas, thoughts and feelings which explore the elements of body, time, space and force (energy).
This promotes creative expression, elevates imaginative thinking, and enhance body coordination.

What you learn..

Dancers learn to develop body movements and create rhythmic patterns through a combination of time elements (tempo, beat, accent and duration).
They will also explore spatial elements such as direction, level and range. In addition, there is use of a variety of materials or props to enhance their creative movement vocabulary.

Who can join?

Open to all – ages between 6 – 9 years. Lesson duration is 1 hour.

Dancers learn the basic dance techniques of the local dance forms especially the footsteps and hand gestures. 
This will build their focus on their body posture, strength, balance, flexibility and stamina.

Traditional dances of Malaysia include:

    • Malay Folk Dance (Joget, Inang, Zapin, Wau Bulan, etc)
    • Malay Classical Dance (Asyik, Joget Gamelan Mak Yong and Layang Mas)
    • Chinese Dance
    • Indian Classical and Folk Dance
    • East Malaysia Ethnic Dances

Dancers will also learn to master the skill of handling props that are used in traditional dances, such as fans, bamboo, long sleeves and candles.