Sherlock Holmes in The Show Must Go On

Sherlock Holmes
in The Show Must Go On

Written and directed 
by Scott McQuaid


This comedy farce revolves around an amateur drama society’s attempts to stage a Sherlock Holmes murder mystery play. A story of the play-within-a-play that goes hideously wrong is inspired by Mischief Theatre’s The Play That Goes Wrong, currently playing in London’s West End.

The group of amateur actors playing these characters on stage exploit all the comic potential theatrical mishaps that can and sometimes go wrong during a live performance. For example – actors forgetting lines, missing props, wrong sound cues and unstable sets. There is an actual crime story beneath the chaos, but will the actors ever manage to perform their way to the final curtain?


Sherlock Holmes

Dr. Watson

Irene Adler

Inspector Lestrade

Charles Augustus Magnussen 

Stage Manager

Mrs. Hudson 

Professor Triamory (aka the body)


Genre: Comedy Play

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