Story by Yap Zhe Zhen

Written by Scott McQuaid

Music by Wong Shen Vee

Lyrics by Zayaana Shazlene and Andrew Chan

SYNOPSIS: CPAC’s Flowertopia is an original musical based on a story by Yap Zhe Zhen. 

The story follows Michelia, a fairy without wings, who sets off on a journey to rescue Flowertopia’s Queen, Delphina, who was captured by her evil sister Nerida. During her quest she encounters a spooky forest, dangerous wolves and a colony of Silencio fairies, that help guide her to the wise owl known as Archimedes. He tells Michelia that she must retrieve the cempaka flower from the highest mountain. The flower’s nectar possesses great power that will be able to save Queen Delphina, so Michelia finds the cempaka flower but she got captured by Nerida’s griffins, Zac and Zar. 

Once Nerida discovers the cempaka flower in Michelia’s possession, she immediately takes it for herself, but the power of the nectar within, is too strong and ultimately destroys Nerida. Michelia restores Queen Delphina’s power by using the cempaka flower that in turn magically gives her wings as they both return home to Flowertopia.
Flowertopia’s debut stage performance was in North Hall Theatre, Cempaka Schools, on 23rd November 2017.


MICHELIA: Female, 12 year-old (range: Bb-C5)
Fairy, she is inquisitive and fearless 

QUEEN DELPHINA: Female, Mature (Range: D4-C5)
Queen fairy, she is graceful, sophisticated and compassionate.

NERIDA: Female, Mature (Range: C4-C5)
Fairy, she is wicked, immoral and jealous.

AZALEA: Male/Female (Range for Female: Alto, Bb3-C5)
Fairy Guard, they are confident and authoritative.

IRIS: Female, 12 year-old (Range: A3-C5)
Butterfly fairy, best friend to Michelia, she is kind and supportive.

ARCHIMEDES: Male, Mature
Owl, he is eccentric yet wise and comedic.

ZAC: Male, Mature
Griffin, a hunter that is vicious and dangerous

ZAR: Male, Mature
Griffin, a hunter that is vicious and dangerous

FEATURES / CONTAINS: Unit Set / Multiple Settings

CASTING: 4f, 3m


PERFORMANCE GROUP: Primary school level