About Us

CPAC was established in the year 2000. Primarily, the company provides performing arts education in Cempaka Schools. In addition to that, CPAC handles all the events where stage performances are involved. This includes creative planning, preparation, training, rehearsing and ultimately, staging the event. With an impressive track record of more than 15 years, CPAC has been staging not just full-scale concerts but musicals at a very high standard. In 2017, CPAC raised the bar and produced an original musical, Alice’s Wonderland, which premiered in the North Hall Theatre of Cempaka Schools. This endeavour earned Cempaka Schools a spot in the Malaysia Book of Records for being the first school to stage an original musical at a professional level. CPAC also manages events (festivals & other performances) locally and abroad. They have brought performers to Singapore, Indonesia, Australia, Europe and the United States for events. The company is expanding and opening opportunities for all to participate in their performing arts programmes.


To provide for all students a meaningful and creative environment in which 

they can explore the meaning of their world through Music, Dance and Theatre. 

Students will be provided with the opportunity to develop skills that will enhance 

their intellect, physique, confidence, creativity, socialisation and sense of self.

Andrew Chan

Wong Shen Vee 
Music Director

Scott McQuaid 
Artistic Director